Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Katy Perry: A Rebranded Success....

I kissed a girl, and I liked it. Well, heck, "who wouldn't" I thought,  when I heard this song sometime back in 2008. But what threw me was the voice. Is this the voice of some new boy band that's being pushed down the airplay throat of the syndicated pop stations? It certainly sounds like a girl though. Then again, most of that boy band stuff did anyways. But a girl singing this on mainstream radio?......

Well, by now you have to know that it wasn't a boy band after all, and that it was a vivacious, curvaceous, flirty, and bodacious former Gospel music singer on her way to pop stardom. Yes, Katy Perry was, indeed, on her way. "I Kissed A Girl" propelled her to  the top of the Billboard 100, but it was the similarly scandalous "Ur So Gay", before 'Girl" that made some people take notice. And with reason. If you listen to her early stuff carefully, (Lyrically, I mean), you'll see that there's nothing taboo and often she speaks of such. Lesbian trysts,  rough Las Vegas mornings, 'under the table' shenanigans, bragging she 'aint cheap,  and just about anything else one would do to gain attention as a wanna be artist.
     Perry's second album, "Teenage Dreams" spurned five consecutive number one singles, but the vulgar themes persisted and most still seemed just as trashy as her first record, but boy, did she make it sound like fun. That was her hook: Make all her hooks fun while  raising a few eyebrows along the way. And oh yeah, let's shows lots of cleavage!
    As Perry's career progressed, it has appeared that the sophomoric bawdiness has waned a bit , as evidenced by the tones of her "Prism" album, electing to perhaps prove she can be a serious artist after all. If that's what she's really after. I'm not yet convinced that she can sustain such status, but after hearing and watching the "Chained To The Rhythm" song and video, (A track from her soon to be released album, 'Witness') it solidifies what I'm thinking; Katy's planning for longevity in the business.
  From Christian gospel singer, to eyebrow raising, campy, hook oriented pop-princess, to perhaps a more demure, mature  Katy Perry, (we have yet to see), I'm thinking she can kiss anybody she wants to, anytime she wants to. And like it....

                            KATY PERRY ANNOUNCES MASSIVE TOUR 

Katy Perry announced a massive tour supporting her yet to be released album "Witness".
The album is due out June  and the tour starts September 7th in Columbus, Ohio. 

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