Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bon Jovi's "This House Is Not For Sale" Tour

Mid December last year, Bon Jovi has been nominated to be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this coming April with other notables, The Cars, Dire Straits, Moody Blues, Nina Simone and Sister Rosetta Tharp. (BTW, Howard Stern will induct the band on that day). Now the band has recently announced the Spring leg and continuation of their "This House Is Not For Sale" tour that had actually started about this time a year ago. While initially I had doubts about the ability to sell out every show, (mostly because of the not-so-friendly Richie Sambora departure), I'm happy to report that there are quite a bit of middle aged moms willing to spend ticket money on this pop rock icon, just as they did when those very same moms were themselves teenagers. But it's truly not just those aforementioned "Moms" spending the money.
While the late 80's were a sensational Arena- Rock era for the band, during the 90's  Bon Jovi had increasingly become popular with the adult contemporary crowd, thanks in big part to the popular ballad, "Bed Of Roses" from 1992's  'Keep The Faith'. They really gained steam in that genre with 1995's, "These Days", and later in 2000, "It's My Life". Acoustic versions of some of their popular hits, and an accompanying DVD in 2004 also contributed to the crossover success. Then, some years later,  a collaboration with some other big names, (LeeAnn Rimes, Big & Rich), led to a cross-genre album "Lost Highway". The big single off that album "Who Says You Can't Go Home," featuring guest vocals from  Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, struck a chord (really, no pun intended) with yet another genre; Country Music fans.
         So while no other album from Bon Jovi can amass the fresh appeal of the pop, hard rock, and hair/metal sensational teenage anthem-ish,"Slippery When Wet" debut, they certainly proved to outlast most any other band from the same era. And with reason.
        There's no telling how long the 56 year old Bon Jovi can sustain these performances he does, but they are nothing short of phenomenal. The sounds and production values are topnotch and they'll play 23 -24 tunes every time. So if you get a chance, certainly go see them. It'll be worth it. And I promise you, being able to sustain a 30+ year career,  there'll more than just middle aged moms there.......

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

No Shortage of Super Bowl Parties In Twin Cities This Year

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Super Bowl LII is inching toward us now, but the pace jumps ten-fold in a week or two and as I type this update Tuesday night after Thanksgiving, the Minnesota Star Tribune  states The Dave Matthews Band has been tapped  to play at the Xcel Energy Center "The Night Before", and ticket sales have been brisk. Rumor has it only single seats are left on Ticketmaster. Prices on the secondary market are climbing and will surely rise as the event nears. Face value tickets are reasonably priced , as of now, about $75. That same article states that Florida Georgia Line will be at the Club Normdic, next to Mystic Lake Casino Hotel on the same night, The writers at the Tribune boasts this could be the biggest Saturday Night the Twin Cities has ever had. The club is also at this time is holding back an announcement that two more shows have been added but haven't disclosed the artists yet, In the past, these were big name artists, so stay tuned..

Dave Matthews- The Night Before

Florida Georgia Line

And how about the game Itself? well, even with a discount on my sit, prices are steep as you would imagine......Prices change everyday, but please check it out....

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Did You Believe Shania? I Didn't

So Shania Twain announced a 2018 tour recently, just a few years after she pretty much summed up that the 2015 tour would be her "Farewell Tour. ( ). I'm re-posting my original post from 2015 explaining why I thought she'd be back on the road. And  honestly, I'm glad to see her.......

Original post from 3-08-2015

So Shania Twain says this week that her recently announced "Rock This Country" tour will be her farewell tour. Personally, I'm not buying it. Aside of her just released
live CD and DVD, she has another new album coming out soon, with new music.  She has stated though, that she'll only be singing her older hits on tour. She only wants her fans to hear the hits. Who says her new songs won't be hits? Although the new songs aren't traditional Shania Twainish, she's still excited about them.“The songs are going great,” she says enthusiastically. “I’ve been putting them together for a really long time now. They’ve been whirling around in my head, so I’ve got a pile of things, way too much for one album.” Okay, so again, why not showcase a couple of the newer ones that the people just may want to hear? But giving the timing of the new album release, in relation to the 48 date tour, we may not even hear the new material until after the tour ends. I'm not buying that either.
      Secondly, she has done this "goodbye" thing in the past. She hasn't been on the stage since 2004 but then in late 2011 announced a two year residency stint in Las Vegas. She had said then that was her farewell. “When I took that on, I was thinking, ‘Well, this will be my last hurrah,’Twain said of the 2012-2014 Vegas gig. I wasn't buying it. But then nearing the end of 2014, she had thought maybe this isn't the end. "Maybe I should get out and do a tour and take myself and my show to the people and that will be my last hurrah.’ Nope. Not buying it.
       Thirdly, Twain makes it clear that she's not retiring or that she's done making records any more. It's just that she's done performing. I'm not buying it. And she even admits she doesn't rule out another residency in Las Vegas.  “If I did go back to Vegas, I would do it with this Rock This Country show,”
       Lastly, because of that new album coming out, even if it does come out after this current tour is over, who doesn't believe she'll want to promote the new music even if it's done only in smaller venues. She says that this newer album is described as "soulful". “It’s not like my music was ever traditional anyway. I don’t think anybody expects that from me. Nothing that I’m doing is traditional.” She may only want to promote those songs and not any of the hits she'll being singing now, and Shania has fans in just about every genre so something like that just might work for her. It's worked for other artists in the past. But for now, at age 49, Shania says goodbye with a tour shes says will be "completely different show" than "You're Still The One" and promises to be a rock and roll freestyle type of show. Only it will be her last. I'm not buying it. ( End Of Post)

 So as I stated earlier, I am glad to see Shania keep busy. There is something to be said about the  many artists who continue to tour far too long after their best days, but Shania certainly isn't one of those acts. She's a major talent and she still sounds really strong. Whether this is her final tour or not is of no consequence as of now, and I certainly hope she avoids the subject and just stays focused on giving her best next year, and worry about later, later. NOW, that, I'll buy........


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Katy Perry: A Rebranded Success....

I kissed a girl, and I liked it. Well, heck, "who wouldn't" I thought,  when I heard this song sometime back in 2008. But what threw me was the voice. Is this the voice of some new boy band that's being pushed down the airplay throat of the syndicated pop stations? It certainly sounds like a girl though. Then again, most of that boy band stuff did anyways. But a girl singing this on mainstream radio?......

Well, by now you have to know that it wasn't a boy band after all, and that it was a vivacious, curvaceous, flirty, and bodacious former Gospel music singer on her way to pop stardom. Yes, Katy Perry was, indeed, on her way. "I Kissed A Girl" propelled her to  the top of the Billboard 100, but it was the similarly scandalous "Ur So Gay", before 'Girl" that made some people take notice. And with reason. If you listen to her early stuff carefully, (Lyrically, I mean), you'll see that there's nothing taboo and often she speaks of such. Lesbian trysts,  rough Las Vegas mornings, 'under the table' shenanigans, bragging she 'aint cheap,  and just about anything else one would do to gain attention as a wanna be artist.
     Perry's second album, "Teenage Dreams" spurned five consecutive number one singles, but the vulgar themes persisted and most still seemed just as trashy as her first record, but boy, did she make it sound like fun. That was her hook: Make all her hooks fun while  raising a few eyebrows along the way. And oh yeah, let's shows lots of cleavage!
    As Perry's career progressed, it has appeared that the sophomoric bawdiness has waned a bit , as evidenced by the tones of her "Prism" album, electing to perhaps prove she can be a serious artist after all. If that's what she's really after. I'm not yet convinced that she can sustain such status, but after hearing and watching the "Chained To The Rhythm" song and video, (A track from her soon to be released album, 'Witness') it solidifies what I'm thinking; Katy's planning for longevity in the business.
  From Christian gospel singer, to eyebrow raising, campy, hook oriented pop-princess, to perhaps a more demure, mature  Katy Perry, (we have yet to see), I'm thinking she can kiss anybody she wants to, anytime she wants to. And like it....

                            KATY PERRY ANNOUNCES MASSIVE TOUR 

Katy Perry announced a massive tour supporting her yet to be released album "Witness".
The album is due out June  and the tour starts September 7th in Columbus, Ohio. 

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ed Sheeran Is The Real Deal....

   Alright, full disclosure here. The more I listen to this guy, the more I like him. When touring with Taylor Swift during her massive 2013 tour in the States, I personally thought this backup. or warmup act if you will, wouldn't flourish beyond that tour without the help of the headlining megastar pulling for him. I just didn't know his story.  Obviously the tour helped bring him some prominence in the mainstream, but know this; He was destined anyways. Gaining attention for his You Tube works, he self released three EPs . His fan base grew, and soon caught the attention of notables as The Independent newspaper, Jamie Fox, and Elton John.
            After signing with Asylum Records, his debut album,   +   (read as "plus"), was released on 9 September 2011 and contained the song "The A Team". Sheeran was on his way. His second album, X (read as multiply) and his recently released third album (Divide), are big chart toppers .
I started to go back into his earlier works, read up on his story,  and I admit, I was pleasantly surprised. His style is a blended sort of acoustic pop, beatbox,  hip hop, folk and some mishmash of romantic ballads. Some of the stuff that I've never been keen on, but I do enjoy watching his live videos and listen to his voice intonations. I think he's a confident, charismatic and generally grateful bloke who loves what he does. And that's enough for me to see him live. You might want to as well.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"Well, we were just another band out of Boston,
On the road to try to make ends meet.
Playin' all the bars, sleepin' in our cars
And we practiced right on out in the street........." Yeah, you know it. Who doesn't? I guarantee that in another half hour or so, you'll still be humming it in your head.
 One of the most popular and best selling bands from the Boston area,( imagine that), Boston released their self titled debut album 40 years ago, and whether you're a 70 year old who grew up on AM radio, or just a teenager who only listens to one of the dozens of subscription music services, you'll recognize the multiple lead and blended harmonies emanating from Tom Sholz' guitar from that epic album. This album still gets considerable air time, 25 million album sales later. Boston has released six studio albums and has had various lineup changes through the years. Lead singer Brad Delp had taken his own life in 2007 and was instrumental in helping create Boston's signature sound. But make no mistake. Tom Scholz' innovative guitar work and studio mastery is what made really makes Boston stand out.
       Boston late last year announced a tour for 2017 and just recently announced it has added 21 more dates to it's 2017 Hyper Space Tour. Also announced, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts will be joining the band on selected dates. Main Entrance Tickets now has Boston tickets in stock for all of Boston's shows for this tour. Please see link for dates and venues....

BOSTON- The Hyper Space Tour

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Main Entrance Tickets Celebrates 5 Years In Business

Here's my press release that I sent out recently pertaining to the updated website and 5 year business anniversary. Live version can be read here.......                                                                  

Main Entrance Tickets Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

In Business Since 2011, Ticket Provider Continues To Grow

Milford, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2017 --Main Entrance Tickets LLC, a growing and reliable ticket provider within the secondary ticket marketplace, celebrated it's 5th year in business this past Holiday season and yet again, introduces a new responsive website designed to be even more user friendly than ever. Starting out as a music, sports, and entertainment blog prior to organizing, Main Entrance Tickets was formed as a Limited Liability Company in November 2011 and continues to thrive in a highly competitive market.

Since it's inception, Main Entrance Tickets has offered customers the ability to receive a 10% discount on any ticket listed on simply by entering a promo code in the checkout page. That practice continues to be the business model today for which Main Entrance Tickets depends upon to gain your trust and loyalty as your ticket provider source.

Fast forward to 2017, Main Entrance Tickets now boasts a new, modern responsive SSL Certified website with the very latest technology for faster, reliable, and secure event ticket shopping. The responsive website means shopping for event tickets is extremely user friendly no matter what device you are shopping from, be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The website still uses GPS technology that users can select to show them upcoming events in their local area, Canada, the United Kingdom, and of course, the rest of the United States. Users can filter by location, category, or even by dates. Seating charts and maps have also been updated. Navigating through the menu, users can also choose to engage with Main Entrance Tickets' social sites FACEBOOK, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram.

With this newly updated website also comes a new phone number. Users can dial 844-425-4883 and order discounted tickets through a live customer service representative.

The SSL Certification is an important feature to help gain the trust of customers who frequently shop online. SSL is a computer protocol that helps secure computer connections. The SSL Certification simply means that every page of is now encrypted and the content provided is from the verified sender. The checkout page is, and always has been, PCI Compliant and of the highest security available.